Argumentative Android vs iPhone

This argument essay needs to be done in 7 hours or less. Sooner the better. This is an essay where you pick a topic with two sides and you have to pick a side. I started an essay on Andriod vs iPhone and I got stuck. This idea can be used or I am open to new ideas.



Android vs iPhone

An iPhone is a type of smartphones manufactured and developed by Apple Inc Company.
The phones were first released on 29th June 2007 with IOS operating system. Android is an
operating system for smartphones and tablets produced by the Google Company. Just like the
iPhones, Androids has many features such as direct manipulation operating system, virtual
keyboard, among others. Google company bought the system in the year 2005, and it revealed it
in the year 2007 (David, 2011). This paper contains a comprehensive analysis and explanation
why Android is preferable to iPhone.
Most people have a preference of which provider they like best. As usual, companies
babble when their rivals produce a product that could supplement theirs. This also happens to
mobile phones producing firms as they strive to win wider markets. The latest versions being
generation 8 for both. Each is having different features to reel customers. I have always been a
fan of Android, and I am going to tell you why. An excellent way to tell the difference between
one phone and another is numbers.
Let’s compare the two phones and tally up to see which is the best according to the
figures. The Samsung has a 5.8-inch screen, a display of 2960×1440(570 pixels per inch) and an
aspect ratio of 18.5:9. On the other hand, the iPhone has a 4.7-inch screen, a display of
1334×750(326 Pixels per inch), and an aspect ratio of 16:9, meaning the Samsung can
differentiate sizes better, has a bigger screen, and more pixels per inch and in turn that means a
better picture. A front camera that has a 12MP, f/1.7 which allows more light to pass through the
camera lens, the iPhone has a 12MP, f/2.2 which does not seem like much but that makes a huge

The Samsung starts with 64GB of internal storage it also has an external memory up to
128GB more per SD card, and you can buy as many as you need versus the iPhone that starts
with a 64GB or 156GB but has no external storage. They both have wireless charging and a
fingerprint scanner, but only the Samsung has a face/iris scanner. Another huge downfall of the
iPhone is that it does not have a headphone jack, it was removed to make room for the speakers
and to make it waterproof. But Samsung did not need to remove the headphone jack to make it
waterproof. The Samsung weighs 155g, and the iPhone weighs 148g, so not too much difference
(Smith, 2017). One thing that I can get over is the vast difference in battery capacity. The
Samsung has 3000 mAh versus the iPhone which has 1821 mAh.
Personally, I have owned nothing but an Android, but I have had plenty of friends that
have had an Apple phone, but all they ever did was to complain about it. I own the Samsung
Galaxy S7, and I have owned it for a year and a half. And it still works just like I got it, no
crashes and my battery life is the same. It has managed to go through many drops face down and
much more on the corners with no cracks to show. I can charge from 0 to 100 in less than an
hour where with the iPhone I know some of my friends have had to wait three hours or more.
Single drops with the iPhone have led to a massively shattered spider webbed screen. There are
apps that you can get with the Android that you cannot get with the iPhone.
In my view, I believe that android is better than iPhone for some reasons. Firstly, Android
has more customizations than iPhone. It is the most significant strength of Android over an
iPhone, and it has led to many phone companies adopting it into to their phones. Companies such
as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and other more have adopted the Android system on their phones.
iPhone tends to keep control of the default apps besides trying to maintain a homogenous hardware and software experience. Androids, on the other hand, allows the user to select their
level of customization.

The customizations extend from the simple things such as an alternative keyboard to
animated wallpaper (Dunn, 2016). Typically, Android has provided a lot of customization to its
users hence making them loyal to this system.
Secondly, the Android system has high compatibility with the external peripherals. The
android phones have a headphone jackpot of 3.5mm which is more compatible with many jack
pin than the Apple IOS. Most of the commonly available headphones fit the jackpot for the
android phones. Also, the USB type C of the android is compatible with most of the USBs in the
market. Unlike the Apple IOS whose system is designed to use only the company’s USB.
Moreover, the type C USB cables charge quicker than the Apple’s proprietary lightning port.

Multi-tasking is the other feature of the android that beats the iPhone. Android system
allows the users to carry out several tasks concurrently. It is made possible by the ability to
switching back apps and forth. For instance, Samsung established a multi-window android
version long ago in which you can view different number of apps simultaneously. Unlike the
Apple system that limits the users, the android does not limit the number of tasks to be carried
out by the users.
Android phone can use different launchers which help to increase the ability of
customization. The system allows the users to download and install the launchers from the play
store on the phone. The feature gives the operating system a competitive edge over the iPhone
system. There no risks which are associated with using different launchers in the phones hence
the users can change the launcher as many times as they wish (Team, 2017). The feature is
appropriate mostly when the user of the phone does not prefer the manufacturer's launcher. I
have found my friends who use iPhone wishing to change the launcher but because of the limited
features of the system it becomes impossible.
Android system allows replacement of Read Only Memories (ROM). The users of the
system can replace the original software of the device with a custom ROM. The implementation
of this feature occurs when the user installs a new operating system of their choice. One of the
reasons why the users may do that is the slowness of the manufacturers’ operating system. The
new system that users may be wishing to install may have added advantages than the
manufacturers Operating System. It may have high performance, easy to use among others.
The android phones are affordable to many people than iPhones which are expensive. As
a matter of facts, Android phones provide a variety of phones with varying designs and
specification which fits customers’ financial capability. In today’s world, Android phones have been common in many electronic shops globally, and it is affordable to most individuals both
rich and poor. Also, the phones are easily available. It is true to say that everywhere you go, you
will come across an electronic shop selling variety of Android phones at a negotiable price. The
Android manufacturers have applied their marketing strategy of affordability more effectively
hence winning the loyalty of millions of customers worldwide. The strategy has contributed to
the dominance of the company in the industry.
The other feature that makes an android phone to be admired by many users is the Google
integration capability. Although the iPhone also has this feature, the Android phone has utilized
it to the maximum. The reason as to why android phone have deep google integration than the
iPhone is that they are both from the same manufacturer (Seybold, 2009). Since Android and the
Google integration are from the same origin, the manufacturer has tried to perfect the feature of
integration more in the android making it appropriate to use while accessing Google services.
People have realized the importance of using mobile devices such as Google docs, Google Nap,
Google Drive among others and now it has become their specification to consider when
purchasing a phone.
Android system can support Micro SD which is a type of removable flash memory card
that is used to store data and information such as pictures, movies, songs among others. The
devices are used when the phone has less or inadequate space to store users’ data, information or
apps. The android phone allows its users to mount memory card to extend the storage capacity of
the phone. The iPhone does not allow expansion of storage capacity. This feature has attracted
many customers to prefer the android to iPhone (Seybold, 2009). The world has evolved, and
people stores most of their information in phones. Some of the information that the individual
stores in the phone such as videos and movies require large memory which some phone do not have hence expanding the storage capacity using the micro SD becomes the only available
Easy to clear cache to get backs the pace. Many phones applications usually store
information related to it inform of catch. Some application such as Instagram may store larger
sizes of cache which consumes phone memory. It is due to the application stores the data related
to videos and photos that it downloads. Sometimes the caches affect the phone usability, and this
calls for clearance of the caches. The Android provides a more straightforward way of clearing
the caches unlike the iPhone that you must uninstall the app and re-install again.
The android phones are easy to repair as their spare parts are easily available. Phones
sometimes fail to function, or they may fall and break. In case of such situations, the android
phones are easy to repair than the iPhones. In most cases when an iPhone develops hardware
problems, individuals end up buying a new one since the repairing cost is as expensive as buying
a new one. Also, Android phones have a removable battery. In case the battery becomes weak,
the user can purchase another battery and exchange it. iPhone’s battery is inbuilt, and it cannot
be replaced with another one. Most of the android phones support dual sim card, unlike the
iPhone which supports only one sim card.
To sum up, I restate that android is better than iPhone for the above-stated reasons. It is
clear that the Android and iPhone dominate the mobile industry. The two system have been
competing against each other for long. The iPhones are associated with the rich while the android
is considered to be for the ordinary individual. The android phones have gained much popularity
than the iPhone due to its distinct features that simplify the usability to the users.



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