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The Letter

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The Letter

“The Letter;

Selected clip: 0:00 to 2:16; 24 shots; no discernible temporal ellipses.”

Both diegetic and non-diegetic music is present in the clip. Diegetic music starts at 1:22 and ends at 1:29—the non-diegetic music cues in at 1:30 and cues out at 1:48. 

Puccini aria

The use of the Puccini aria has been used in the film. The use of Opera has been used in the film industry for ages. It is featured in the most classical film soundtrack, such as in the identified film. The theme has been used to heighten the film’s climax, which can be described as the most dramatic point. It is heard from 1:32 to 1: 48. The scene shows the girl entering the house to deliver the letter, and suspense is created in the room where the intended letter was to be delivered. The scene is short and happens within a brief period.

Repeated note piano motive

The clip has incorporated the use of repeated notes. From 1:03 to 1:19, the repeated notes have been utilized in the film. While playing the piano, repeated notes are accomplished by the continuous dropping of the hand on the piano. As used in the clip, the repeated note piano motive is meant to establish hooks in the film. It has also been used to create suspense where the girl runs to deliver the letter as she disappears into the forest. Using repeated notes at the same time changes emotion as the film transitions from one scene to another. The technique captivates the viewers and leads to changed expectations about events. The technique can also be associated with desirable sounds which the viewers may find pleasant to listen. It also allows viewers to relate to that particular scene, thus allowing easy recall of particular scenes such as in the selected clip.