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Your Area of Interest In Unit 1 you were asked to identify an area of interest in your organization or profession that could be an area of opportunity for improvement. Although you will not begin planning your capstone project for another few quarters, try to identify an issue that could eventually serve as the basis for your capstone project or be part of the library research you will eventually need to conduct for your project. You will be locating eight research studies about your issue in peer-reviewed journals this quarter, and it will serve you well to choose an area in which you are interested and may be pertinent to your capstone. Submit a brief desсrіption of your area of interest for which you will develop a mini-literature review as part of the final project with an explanation of why you chose it.



Improvement of Road Transport Sector

Road transport is a critical element in the transport industry, especially when transporting
people from one destination to another. Mainly, road accidents have increased drastically over
the past ten years. Many people have died through road accidents, and others are left physically
disabled. As a transport manager in the road transport industry, I feel something needs to be done
to improve the transport industry. The approach will create a broader opportunity for investors
who have been fearing to invest in the transport industry. Thus, the primary purpose of this paper
is to explore ways that can be used to reduce road accidents. Many researchers have identified
that the leading cause of losses in the road transport sector is a road accident. Road accidents not
only result in financial loss but also claim the lives of innocent passengers.
Ways of Reducing Road Accidents to Create Opportunities for Improvement in the

Transport Industry

In the transport industry, it is challenging to act as the sole player. As a transport manager
in the transport sector, I believe that stakeholders play a significant role that can be used to
minimize road accidents. The first strategy to use in reducing road accidents is constructing
access roads. Out of all the road accidents that occur across the globe, at least 25% are caused by
poor road networks (Herman et al., 2012). Therefore, improving roads can play a crucial role in
reducing road accidents. For example, if a person purchases a public service vehicle (PSV) to
invest in the transport sector, then the investor expects some returns in a given period. Therefore,
it would be a tragic event if the vehicle causes an accident due to poor roads. In case of a crash,
the investor will lose a lot of money invested. In the worst cases, many people will lose their
lives. Both events are unfavorable for the transport business. Thus, the central concept is to

engage relevant stakeholders to fuel the process of constructing a better road, thereby minimizing
road accidents.
Secondly, I also believe minimizing road accidents will create more job opportunities
because there will be an increase in the number of road users. Therefore, it is essential to
emphasize the experience of drivers. It is unacceptable for government systems to license
unqualified drivers and amateur drivers to use our roads (Herman et al., 2012). As a transport
manager, I have witnessed many road accidents caused by reckless and unqualified drivers. In
that regard, these accidents are not favorable for business. Therefore, the best way to improve
road transport as a business is to provide strict regulations that monitor the quality of drivers.
The approach will not only offer the safety of invested capital but also save many productive
Moreover, it would be challenging to eliminate road accidents in our society. In as much
as road accidents may be inevitable, it is essential to reduce damages in case an accident occurs.
Thus, the best approach is to sensitize road users the importance of using seat belts, also known
as “safety belts.” Passengers who fail to use a seat belt when traveling using the road are at a
higher risk of death in case an accident occurs. In that regard, I feel this strategy can be used to
minimize accidents and fatalities. For example, in the United States, 15% of people who die from
road accidents do not use seat belts when traveling (Gopalakrishnan, 2012). Road accidents are
not suitable for the transport industry, and there is a need to address them to improve business
Another critical element to consider when addressing the issue of road accidents in the
transport business is road furniture and road design. The furniture on the road and its
composition are of fundamental importance to road users and the entire transport business. Road

design and furniture can be used as an intervention measure to minimize road accidents (Bonnet
et al., 2018). In that regard, they require improvement so that they align with modern transport
technology. The new technology consists of new vehicle designers, pedestrians, and cyclists
because they use the same transport channel. By addressing the issue of road accidents, it will be
possible to improve the transport sector by creating employment opportunities.
Besides, pedestrians and cyclists can also assist in reducing road accidents by using
designed footpaths and pathways on roads. By reducing road accidents, many investors will
contribute to improving the quality of transport services. Another vital aspect to note about road
transport is that motorbikes are currently used as a mean of transportation in many developing
countries. Unfortunately, the number of people killed through accidents caused by riders is
alarming. In some hospitals, special wards have been set to care for crash caused by motorcycle


Overall, the issue of road accidents is a dangerous area to address to reduce huge losses
incurred when an accident occurs. Many countries claim that the transport industry contributes
about 30% of their economy. As a transport manager, I feel there is a need to address this issue
with ultimate urgency. If we manage to minimize road accidents, then many opportunities will
open up. People will invest heavily in the transport sector through an increase in the sale of
vehicles and an increase in vehicle manufacturing industries.



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