Campaign Budget Optimization

CBO Best Practices

 Assignment Desсrіption: -Describe 2–3 best practices that have the potential to assist your CBO (International Epidemiology Association) to better achieve its mission. Why are they appropriate? -Please included references.



International Epidemiology Association consists a group of members who have come
together for easy facilitation of communication channels to various teams engaged in research
and teachings about epidemiology. The aim of the organization is providing a healthcare solution
by use of epidemiology knowledge, help is availing import and finds about epidemiology and to
facilitate in the training and educating epidemiologist (Nuara et al., 2018). Campaign budget
optimization is an advertising feature on Facebook that will help you set budget for each
campaign ad on a daily basis. It has provided insightful information on financial budgeting for
Facebook advertisement.
Firstly, the best practice with CBO is by making sure all set ads in the campaign program
will be delivered. Delivery of ad sets encourages more opportunities to meet the aim of the
organization. There is no need for allocation of budget if the ad sets does not meet the required
objective of marketing and passing important information to the audience. Secondly, during
adjustment of the main settings in the campaign, feed in changes in large numbers (Zhang &
Vorobeychik 2017). It will help you in minimizing the time spend in the learning phase. If the
feed in is in small numbers or one-by-one the ads may go back to the learning phase which will
require a lot of time.

Moreover, analyzing the ads at a campaign level is best practice rather than analyzing and
the ad set level. Knowing the exact number of optimization and the cost per event at the
campaign level helps in bidding the lowest price for the campaign (Udeanu et al., 2019).
Analyzing at the ad set level will be more costly since it will be per set unlike the cost of
optimization level. CBO best practices has been critical in minimizing the costs of advertising on
Conclusively, The International Epidemiology Association has benefited greatly by using
the CBO in achieving its set objectives (Nuara et al., 2018). Information is passed to all the
Facebook users across the globe. It has enhances the accessibility of the relevant information
concerning epidemiology and heath care issues at large.



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