case analysis 164

Please read the instruction carefully. Feel free to ask me for any clarification.

There will be two parts for this assignment. The answer for the first part of the assignment is due in 12 hours. First part is just a short discussion post. After 12 hrs has past, I will extend the time for you to work on the second part. **But, before you do the second part, please wait for my feedback to the first part, then you can start working on the second part.**

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For this assignment, you are to read the case link I provided here:… and then APPLY the ETHICS OF RIGHTS Theory or UTILITARIAN ETHICS Theory to the case. Please make sure you read and fully understand the theory, especially pay attention to the bolded sentences.

Please check the files for more detailed instructions.

I think Rights Theory should be used for this case, but I also attached the Utilitarian Theory doc just in case you have a different opinion of the case. You may do research for more information about the case.