case study 4 14

Based upon the things you have read on the causes of the Challenger explosion and your own thoughts on what may have contributed, put yourself in the shoes of the engineering team developing the O-rings for the SRBs. Construct a fault tree analysis of the O-ring construction, keeping in mind the possibilities of temperature changes and other weather considerations.

From this fault tree, draw conclusions in the form of a one to two-page summary about the risks you found, their criticality based upon the risk assessment matrix, and probable ways to mitigate the risks that your fault tree showed. Your summary should include an actual fault tree, showing correct transition gates, and a short narrative of the analysis. If you are unable to get a computer program that will draw the gates correctly, it is OK to hand draw the fault tree out legibly and scan it in for submission.Sometimes it is more important to get the information to the boss quickly as opposed to spending the time finding a computer to build it on.As always, if you need to do more research to accomplish this task, feel free. Just be sure to cite your sources accordingly.

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* This assignment has two requirements that must be completed.The first is a fault tree presenting the data you selected to analyze (an example is found in the Ericson text).The second is a short narrative to the boss telling them why the items you show in your chart are important and need to be addressed.Both of these must be turned in for this case study. Cite everything and put it all in APA format.