choose an area that you learned about in this course and connect it to the present day

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Choose an area that you learned about in this course and connect it to the present day. Why did you choose this particular material? Identify two (2) specific concepts you learned in the course that surprised or intrigued you, and explain why.

I picked this one:

Racism in the Civil War North

Three ways in which draft riots supported the ‘myth’ of the anti-racist liberals of the North and the challenges facing free African Americans:

The Support of the thirteenth amendment Formation

The draft riot advocated for the formation of the thirteenth amendment which was committed on constitutional amendment to abolish slavery. Slavery could only be a legal framework that would exist in union slave state and former confederate states that had been exempted from proclamation (Baker, 2011).

The Support of Republican Party

The draft riot supported the Republican Party since it recognized emancipation proclamation which was used as a war measure and might later have no constitutional validity after the war against slavery is over. It is clear that the party was committed to a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery (Baker, 2011).

The Emancipation Proclamation Issue

Lincoln through the issue of emancipation proclamation stated that all slaves would be declared free by 1st Jan, 1863 as he urged the government and the armed forces of the United States of America to liberate the slaves in the rebel cities as an act of justice as mentioned in the constitution (Baker, 2011).


Baker, B. (2011). Lincoln’s Proclamation: Emancipation Reconsidered. Slavery & Abolition, 32(1), 163-164. doi: 10.1080/0144039x.2011.538217