complete 2 responses to classmates posts for college algebra course

Respond to two classmates for Algebra Course with at least 100 words each


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This week I had trouble with all the equations, but I enjoyed doing quadrant factoring, polynomial equations, extracting the square root and rewriting expressions. From the examples given in the text those problems seemed the easiest (not really) to make the most sense with the breakdown in the book. When its comes to the problems were your dividing multiple number or small problems 1 – /-12 or /-6 /-2 (the / represents the divide symbol). Part 1.7 and 1.8 looks like all the problems from 1.4 – 1.6 mixed together. The book doesn’t seem to give me the breakdown I’m looking for the more the advance the equations get, and I see that I cant figure this out on my own, I hope tutoring will help.


I love the /= not equal to simply because I love to think of things impartial or as everyone is different in there own way unique if you will. Finding the velocity of objects fired upward have always been a challenge for me. For me math has always been the hardest subject to find intrest in so any problem for me can be challenging in its own as far as keeping my interest. My example is find the velocity of an object fire directly upward with given V= 80-32t in this t is the seconds then running a compound inequality to solve for T.