controlling crime

Since the 1980s, the policy response in the United States has been to “get tough” on crime. In recent years, however, this approach has been revisited for a variety of reasons, including the inability to continue funding such an expansive correctional system. More recently political rhetoric has moved from being “tough on crime” to being “smart on crime.” Law enforcement has moved from being reactive to being proactive, with an emphasis on community policing in an effort to prevent crime. The future is likely to bring more such changes. Criminal justice professionals can improve the criminal justice system by continually monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of crime control policy.

For this assignment, review the resources and reflect upon contemporary approaches to controlling crime

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Explain in 500 or less words the extent to which you believe existing crime control policies have been effective in controlling crime in the United States and why. Provide two contemporary examples.

APA citation and references.