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The global pandemic has been a challenge to several countries across the globe. Regarding the news article posted by Minyvonne Burke, she claims that over the past few months after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Corona Virus a global pandemic, with millions of cases Covid-19. Simultaneously, the third wave hit massively, prompting the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) to take action. Moreover, Burke claims that the country has recorded more than 200,000 coronavirus cases over the last twenty-four hours, which brought the number to 12,002,863, with a total number of deaths of 255,567 (Burke 2020). He further states that the numbers are likely to rise. 

In a bid to contain the global pandemic, Burke notes that several governors have added masks’ measures and tightened the rule on attending social gatherings. The news item depicts clear that the new measures came after the stay after the issue to stay at home was ordered, which had been invalidated by the Supreme Court. At least six governors issued their opinions concerning the spread of the global pandemic. The six governors, including Tony Evers urged the Americans to take the virus seriously and work together in fighting the virus.  Moreover, the governors urged the Americans to reconsider traveling for the thanksgiving event, which will result in thousands of citizens contracting the dreaded virus.

The Covid-19 has impacted the usual ways of doing business. Businesses are significantly affected, leading to some of them completely shutting down. The economic concepts, such as value, scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, and incentives, among others, are significantly affected in one way or another. The concept of the world having scarce resources leading to business owners on constant decision making. With the emergence of covid-19, several businesses were shut down, causing products to be scarce as the public is in constant demand for them. Since the United States banned Flights from major producing countries such as China, businesses need products from other countries to shut down. Since the United States economy is led by a constant demand and supply chain, most businesses’ closure due to Covid-19 has put a significant setback to the demand and supply chain economic concepts. Enterprises are currently redefining their way of conducting business. Some of them did not incorporate change strategy, which leads them to make losses instead of profits, consequently causing the company to shut down promptly.  The closure of such businesses causes massive unemployment that significantly impacts the United States’ economy. Since most firms have closed down, the firms’ values have tremendously dropped down, causing a negative impact on the economical concept (Hossain, 2020). The government’s straining orders have also affected different firms produces products for public consumptions.   

According to the article (Burke, 2020), the governors urged Americans to observe the health regulations that will contain the virus’s spread. In a bid to stop the virus, the governors have set out measures that ensure that the general public is safe and are not at risk of contracting the dreaded virus. I want to support the opinion since it has affected all classes of people, including us. We should join hands in the wake of the virus to reduce the mortality of the virus. By working together, the American economy will regain, and people will continue living their everyday lives.



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