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Research Writing Assignment

  •  To allow students to demonstrate a factual knowledge of the concepts and terms comprising the fundamentals of organizational behavior (OB);
  •  For students to develop a greater understanding for the application, concepts and theories that influence and shape OB;
  •  To provide students an opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem- solving skills that will assist them in the progression of their present or future careers.Assignment Overview:Students will have the option of selecting from one of two research writing assignments. Please understand that you cannot do both assignments – you must choose between the two options.Once you’ve made your decision, you are free to begin work immediately.The completed assignment will consist of an abstract / proposal (25 pts.) and a final paper (100 pts.).Option #1 – Research Paper:Students are to research and write an academic paper discussing a current Organizational Behavioral issue or topic. Research should encompass materials published within the past five (5) years.Research Proposal:Research topics will be selected by students and submitted to the instructor for approval and feedback on or before Friday, September 21st. 2018. Topic selection and approval will be on a first come basis; research by students into same or similar areas will not be accepted.To assist students with their selection and provide a forum for feedback from the instructor, each student will be required to submit an abstract / proposal via the course Blackboard site. Proposals should include a brief summary of the research topic and justification or explanation for selection.Final Research Paper:At a minimum, final research papers should be six (6) pages in length (excluding title and bibliography page). There will be no grading penalty for papers exceeding the minimum length requirement.


Students should follow standard APA formatting. Deviation from this standard will result in a ten (10) point grade reduction.

Research papers should include the following content sections:

  1. 1) Cover Page (include topic title; date submitted, course title / number and author’sname).
  2. 2) Informative Abstract (250 words or more)
  3. 3) Body of Paper
  4. 4) Conclusion
  5. 5) Self-Reflection (two – three paragraphs describing your general thoughts on theassignment, your reasoning for selecting this particular topic for research, what insightsyou may have gained concerning OB and how you may use this knowledge in the future).
  6. 6) Reference Sources

Reference Sources:

  • ï‚· Students should list five (5) or more, reference sources, outside of the required coursetext.
  • ï‚· Only assessable reference sources to the instructor will be acceptable.
  • ï‚· With the exception of Wikipedia, Internet sources are acceptable. Internet addressshould be provided in reference listing.
  • ï‚· The required text for the course is acceptable as a material source, but will not becounted toward the reference source requirement.Grading Evaluation (100 Points Possible):Each research paper will be evaluated based on the following:
  1. 1) Discussion of Topic – Detailed / Comprehensive review of material.
  2. 2) Exposition of Ideas – Ideas presented are clear and well-reasoned.
  3. 3) Organization of Paper – Structure is consistent, well organized with a smooth transition.
  4. 4) Design and Layout – Paper meets all assignment requirements with regards to content,references cited, formatting and minimum number of pages.
  5. 5) Quality of Writing – Paper is free of grammatical errors, misspelling and impropersentence/paragraph structure.