defining and measuring performance

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Clearly defined performance expectations are essential to promoting productive employee behavior. The right performance expectations communicate what is expected of individuals at work and lead directly to contributions toward organizational success. For this assignment, research a company of your choice and one of its current job descriptions. You may find the information online or from a credible source you have access to. Present the following information in your initial post:

  • Brief explanation of the company, including the organizational mission and goals.
  • Summarize the job description, including primary duties.
  • Analyze any performance expectations presented in the job description. If performance expectations are presented, explain whether they are defined appropriately. If they are not presented, explain how performance for that position should be defined.
  • Explain how performance should be measured on the basis of the stated or suggested definition of performance for the job. Identify the evidence that justifies your recommendation for the measurement approach.

Attach a copy of the job description in question to your discussion post. Your post should directly address each question, providing references and examples to support your points. You should use at least two scholarly sources cited in APA format. Comment in a substantive manner on the posts of at least two classmates. Some points you may consider as you respond to others include:

  • An alternative way to measure performance for the position
  • Other ideas for defining or measuring performance
  • Additional considerations for defining or measuring performance given the context
  • Personal examples pertaining to the discussion
  • Additional research or scholarly sources that add perspective to the topic

Submission Details:

  • Write your response in 3 to 4 paragraphs. Submit your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.