Digital Marketing Portfolio

A reflective portfolio is information that shows the experiences and skills gained by
students through practical assignments. It shows the student's ability to apply the theoretical
information gained to practical settings, which may come in documentary evidence or written
pieces. For efficient employability, one has to improve on the skills to deliver efficient
service delivery to the customers. In my digital marketing, I have to improve on decision-
making and negotiation, and business ethics to attract more customers and retain the already
available customers (Brock, 2014). Decision-making plays an essential role in the marketing
strategy; hence there is a need for an efficient skill.
Decision making is the process of identifying a situation, collecting the necessary
information about the situation at hand. After assessing important information, then, one
chooses the situation. Following deliberate steps will help in making a good decision by an
individual. The first stage of the Gibbs cycle is the description of the experience whereby bad
decision making has led to less access to the customers on the digital market. Since I have
decision making gaps, I have not been able to access a wider labour market (Potter, 2015).
Also, I had wasted a lot of time making my work to be less efficient compared to when I
made the correct decisions.
Decision making has an effect on service delivery and also on the individual. The bad
decision makes an individual feel bad about failing the client. The bad decision has made me
feel the gap that I have in my skills which are deterring me in getting good employment
(Nambiar, 2018). The inability to make a good decision about the employment had a diverse
effect on me since I had low self-esteem on my employment status; also it affected me on my
perception about the job opportunities. I have learned the effects of not making a good
decision by not gathering important information about the job requirements will make you

lose the job. My action for this skill is to gather more information about a project or
opportunity, analyse the alternatives then come up with a good and relevant decision.
Another skill gap is negotiation and business ethics. Negotiation plays an important
role in achieving getting the best deal in the labour markets. Business ethics is essential in
employment since it helps in fitting in the market and also abiding by the stipulated rules
(McKenna et al., 2011). I had an opportunity where I was required to negotiate and get the
best price; this happened after I had gotten a job invitation, but I could not seal the deal due to
poor negotiation skills. The failure of this made me feel bad about my inability to close a
good deal.
Negotiation and business ethics gap makes one not to get the best price since there is
no win-win situation. Also, I was not able to collect the necessary information about the
opportunity before proceeding to the negotiation process. The limited information made me
lose the chance. I was not able to apply the best business ethics, and I felt bad. I concluded
that good negotiation is very important when closing a deal in the labour market (Brock,
2014). My action plan is that in future I will improve my skill by gathering all necessary
information and applying the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA), this
will help me in carrying out a successful negotiation process and closing the deal as required.
Question two
Employability skills are those desirable qualities that one posse that an employer
considers to add value to the organisation or service delivery. One of my skill is good
communication. Communication plays an important role among colleagues and also between
employees and management. Good management enhances the efficiency of an individual in
the labour market. I have very good communication skills in understanding other peoples’
views and considerations. I will improve my communication skills by writing reports and

other assignments about the tasks and also making oral presentations to the management
(Holmes et al., 2015). Another skill is teamwork among other people. Teamwork plays an
important role in achieving a group target and building togetherness. I am a team player since
I prefer working with other people to achieve set targets. I will improve my skills by doing
group assignments.
There have been diverse changes in the labour market in recent years. With the rates
of unemployment and underemployment in some departments, there have been changes
between the degrees, skills careers and the demand for labour. There is a need for acquiring
the right skills so that you can get the necessary career needed (Li et al., 2020). Most of the
employers are seeking graduates with desirable technical skills as compared to what is taught
in learning institutions. The labour market is embracing technical skills and the use of
modern technology over the theoretical courses that are offered in the learning institutions.
Acquiring technical skills has enhanced service delivery in the job market.
Labour markets are experiencing changes in the technology where most services can
be accessed by the use of technology which leads to unemployment. Most of the
organisations are embracing the use of the latest technology in production and service
delivery over the employment of graduates. Despite such factors, there has been an increased
graduate labour demand after the country’s recession period. Many leading organisations
have increased the demand for entry level jobs offering graduates more employability rate
(Potter, 2015). Institutions have also adopted to offering technical training skills for graduates
who join the labour market, making them more relevant to the employers.
My current plan for my career is to develop and train in technical skills like language
programming software development and data analysis. With these technological skills, it will
help in readily adapting to market demands and improving on the other employability skills

like teamwork, good decision making, negotiation skills and tactics and leadership qualities
(McKenna et al., 2011). With such skills, it will help in being best suitable for job vacancies.
Proper preparation and development of the acquired skills play an important role in career
In conclusion, a good knowledge of the labour market is very important since it will
help in addressing the needed skills for employability purposes. Knowledge of labour
markets is important in indicating the gaps in the training of professionals. People need to
access their skills and work on ways of improving the skills so that they can fit in the labour
demands by employers. Also, prior preparation on career development for graduates is
important since it leads to successful career development in the future (Nambiar, 2018).
Employability plays an important role both in the economic growth of a country and also the
career growth satisfaction of a person.


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