disaster recovery 8

Disaster Recovery
Question1#: Name a utility required by a data center. What events might occur to interrupt this utility?


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1). Question1# needs 300 words minimum.

2). Question1# in APA format (Separate title and reference page (minimum of 3-4 references).)

3). On the same Question1# i need two replies to post on other people discussions (2 Replies 125 words each)


  • a. Search for information on systems and equipment failure on your favorite search engine.
  • b. List what might be done to provide fault tolerance for a single system.
  • c. List what might be done to provide fault tolerance at a data center level.

Use there 3 questions(a,b,c) in Question2# above to create minimum 500 words in APA format with 3 APA citations and References.