essay about socialization

Prompt: For your paper, I want you to discuss how you were socialized to think the way you do about a fundamental issue. First, I want you to select a political topic/issue (abortion, war, legalization of marijuana, climate change, economic inequality, etc.) that is important to you and tell me how you feel about this topic/issue. Second, I want you to discuss why you think you think this way about this issue. What agents of socialization were particularly influential in shaping your view on this topic. Discuss at least three agents of socialization. Third, I want you to discuss how your view has evolved over time, based on the impact of these agents of socialization. So, in essay format, you should write a five-point (not necessarily five-paragraph because I don’t want to limit you, but five-point) essay where your introduction is the first question, then your discussion of the three agents of socialization make up the middle three points, and then your final point discusses the evolution of your view on the issue in question. You must use at least three outside, academic sources, and you must cite your sources in the text of the paper and on a Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Your Works Cited page does not count against your page limit.