explore quality systems in businesses

Explore Quality systems, quality control, inspection, quality tools, and quality management. Your task is to first choose an industry segment with which you are familiar with such as: airline transportation; food services; retail outlets; pharmacies, medical or dental services; or any other business you are familiar with. Once you have decided on an industry segment (not a company), research online the following questions by finding “industry Experts” who can inform:

  1. What factors are important to a high-quality product or service in this industry segment?
  2. What quality problems or issues has this industry had challenges with in the past?
  3. How does this industry generally manage the quality of products and services?
  4. What are your general perceptions of the quality of products and services in this industry segment?

This is not an opinion piece, this is a research forum, please limit your observations, insights, and opinions to the last part of your posting.

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Please insert a minimum of three accredited resources from experts in quality in the service or product industry you choose using APA FORMAT, NO LESS THAN 300 WORDS!!!!