formal elements in artwork 900 words

1.) For this discussion assignment, you will apply the formal elements to a work of art of your choice, and comment on at least two other students’ posts.

1. Find a work of art using (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.or (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. For assistance on how to use ARTstor, see this page.

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2. Include the image of the work in your post (follow the same instructions provided in the introduction post assignment to add the image to your Canvas files).

3. Include the Artist name, Title (all titles of works of art need to be in italics), medium, and date of the work.

4. Describe the work of art using the Formal Elements. Begin by discussing the elements that stand out to you the most. You must use at least 5 of the terms from chapter two (Formal Elements). Be as detailed as possible. For example, saying the artist uses “Bright colors” is not as specific as saying “bright red, blues, and yellows.”

2.) Go to Module 2 and watch the video Drawing in Perspective (linked in the module). Take notes while watching the video, making note of artists, artworks, and specific terminology used.

After watching the video on perspective, compose a written response that explains how space is created by artists. What are the various ways in which artists create perspective? Identify and discuss at least three methods of creating perspective and identify a specific artist’s work for each. Explain how each work demonstrates that particular use of perspective. Be as specific as possible.…