forum question 143

This is a class question that needs to be answer with at least 150 words. I would like for it to be in your own words. Please No Plagiarism This need a reply to another student in my psychology class.

Although I’ve set many personal goals throughout my life, they have been mostly short-term goals that span over the course of three to six months. I just found that short term goals were more manageable and attainable for me based on my circumstances at the time. Weight loss goals are typically SMART because I always know exactly how much I want to lose in a specified time period and how to measure my progress. Also, while it’s been feasible for me to set SMART goals for work projects and weight loss, I have struggled to put my long-term career aspirations in this format. Moving forward, I will be working on creating a vision board and identifying ways to make SMART goals to propel my career forward. Thought?