help on this metric system discussion

In Unit 7, you are learning about the metric system and making conversions within the metric system. Many believe that conversions within the metric system are easier to make, while others believe conversions within the U.S. system are easier.

During this unit, you will explore two different measurement systems: The metric system and the U.S. system of measurement. You will be exposed to both measurement systems either by converting a measurement in that specific system or commenting on a student’s conversion in a different system.

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Post 1

  1. Begin your response by stating the measurement system you believe is easier to make conversions in, the U.S. system or the metric system. Justify your reasoning with supporting details as to why you believe this system is easier.
  2. If you believe that metric conversions are easier, write and post a metric conversion. Choose a four-digit number with no numbers repeated and convert from one unit to another. For example, convert 3450 decigrams to kilograms. You can convert between any two units shown in Table 8.1 on page 437 of the text. Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can choose between any two units on the table shown on page 438 of the text. Write a complete explanation, showing all steps used in the conversion. Explain each step as if you were the expert explaining it to a novice.
    — or —
    If you think that U.S. conversions are easier, write and post a U.S. conversion problem using one of the following conversions.

U.S. Conversions

If you need to find the conversion factors, they are readily available on in the Internet. Do not forget to post a link to the site where you found your conversions. NOTE: You must show the conversion step by step including the intermediate conversion. For example, when converting from inches to yards, you must first convert to feet and then convert to yards. Explain how to do the conversion showing all work. Be sure to explain each step of your conversion in words as well as showing the math work.

  1. Discuss a real-life situation where you may use this conversion.