how technology helps a new business

Find a totally new product that has recently been introduced in the market. We have new items exposed to us all the time, and it is almost as though we are now numb to the new items out there. You may have to make a quick trip to a local store to find something that is truly new to you. Just driving down the street may expose a new business that has opened up. We are often so busy in life that we do not realize what is new to our environment. Take a moment to consider this as you begin to work on this assignment. Then, when you have found a new product or business, consider how technology has impacted this business, not only internally, but externally to you, the consumer.Initial Post: Answer the following questions:

  1. Discuss two ways that IT helps the business’s/product’s new opportunities.
  2. Do you think that too much use of information technology hurts the business/product in the long run? Support your answer.
  3. How does social media factor into the equation of launching a new business/product?