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I need my paper proofread. for punctuation,grammar errors, sentence errors etc

In the book of Plato many complex ideas were discussed extending from the riddle of learning, recollection, the pre-existence of the soul and much more. To gain a further understanding of these topics I shall elaborate on them. According to Socrates he argues on the riddle of learning that recollection is made possible because the soul is the immortal. Meaning that the soul is everlasting, it doesn’t die but is reborn into the new life. Before explaining the riddle of learning/recollection understanding the essence of the soul is essential. Socrates the also states during his conversation with Meno, that the soul must preexist. Plato believes the soul must preexist do to the knowledge that we possess without learning about it previously. If the soul is to this preexist the soul must already have knowledge of many concepts/ideas that not only do they exist outside of time and space but also does the soul. Before continuing the idea of “outside time in space” it is the collection of the universal conscious mind of the world. On the theory of O.T.A.S (outside of time and space). It can’t be pinpointed because it does not exist on the physical plane, but the idea can only be understood. After acknowledging what out of time and space means, further elaboration on the concept the pre-existing of the soul can continue. Socrates also attempted to explain to Meno that the soul must preexist. He tried to explain this theory by testing it on a slave boy knowing geometry with no prior knowledge of it. After a period of questions and answers it was determined that the slave boy knew or had knowledge of geometry. This was made possible not by the boy learning before hand but the soul bringing the knowledge fourth that it possessed. After this discovery more questions begin to rise. That is the boy did not learn before hand, and that the soul was the reason he was able to know this information. Why does he not know more information on other ideas after this discovery more questions began to rise. That is the boy did not learn before hand, and that the soul was the reason he was able to know this information. Why does he not know more information on other ideas? The reasoning behind this is due to retrieval cues that prop the soul to recover more information that is “stored” from a different time. While attempting to understand the soul although difficult in many cases, opens the door to one of the common questions, very simple but common question. The question that I am referring to is when two people are having a conversation and A question is posed and the answer comes forth. Following that question “how did you know that? “ then the response is I don’t know. Even though you have the right answer you don’t understand where it came from. The true answer comes from the soul. As it was previously stated this enables us to recall information that the soul has instilled within us during the two lifespans. One life which is ours that is limited or not eternal, and the other the soul which never dies, so this is the theory in which makes up the preexistence of the soul.

Socrates’ solution to the paradox of inquiry plays a part in to the acquisition of knowledge because inquiring whether or not you know what it is you’re searching for continues to prompt the soul. The acquisition of knowledge is made possible through questioning what you don’t know or understand. While the acquisition of knowledge in the paradox of inquiry are separate theories in their own way but they also correlate with the preexistence of the soul. The constant questions on a form that is unfamiliar gains further enlightenment in this process. In time making the acquisition of knowledge possible but only through the soul recollecting information that it knows. Intern contradicts Menos’ claims. Proving that constant questions make the development of knowledge possible through the soul existing before hand.

On the theory of sense perception, since perception makes thinking possible it is the understanding of the forms or a more in-depth level then just the basic view of perception of how you see. Sense perception correlates in more ways than one with believes and knowledge. Wow knowledge and believes they may be similar to some but they are very different meaning. The leaves are human beings way to justify what we don’t understand or don’t fully know. Knowledge is the result of one understanding and perception.A common misconception is that sense perception is knowledge but that is not the case but knowledge is sense perception. Also sense perception and understanding of the forms plays a part in regaining the souls awareness. To have knowledge of the forms moves pass the basic line of the divided line, that the majority of people cannot move beyond. perception is the basic line that we believe we know what we are looking at. While trying to understand the forms you must question them to prop the soul to become aware of the forms and not just the borderline of perception. While knowing that perception and knowledge are paired. In the case of knowledge as recollection to separate existence of the forms and the believe in the pre-existence of the soul both theories tend to stand together. Yet there are some contradictions with in them but that is due to things that we don’t know, are unsure of, or cannot prove out right. Even with that being thorough they do stand and correlate with one another. As for knowledge as recollection The only way that is possible it is through the soul pre-existing wall recollection is made possible through the soul, but that is the result of questioning the different forms to gain further understanding of them. To conclude everything we can stand alone but also plays a part in confirming the others.