Idols that People Worship Today

Chapter 8: Isaiah 40-55

Question 1: Idols that People Worship Today
Today, people worship the idol of materialism that feeds their ego by acquisition of wealth.
People are doing everything possible to have wealth in form of houses, land, and expensive
lifestyle among other assets. Naturalism and the power of science are other forms of idols.
People stick to the perception that they are the lords of their sphere and shape their self-esteem to
godlike proportions. Besides, scientists are against the story of creation, and they believe in
evolution and Naturalism. Besides, people are worshiping political leaders due to their leadership
power and wealth.
Question 2: Isaiah Prophecy on Messiah
In his prophecy, Isaiah had prophesied that the Messiah would come to deliver his people as both
Davidic king and suffering servant. Jesus came to fulfill this prophecy in that He was born in the
lineage of King David- one of the great leaders of Israel. After the Messiah was born, his life was
not as sweet as a child in the lineage of king’s family. During His ministry; Jesus used to walk,
he was at some points rejected even in his town, he associated with the needy, and he was
betrayed by one of his disciples, beaten, punished to carrying the cross and finally crucified in a
painful way. As a descendant of a king, people did not expect the messiah to suffer the way he