interview essay 2

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Be very specific
Think about how someone from 1918 would see today and try to conceptualize that
Imagine that this project is going to be read by students of
Focus is to communicate to students 100 years from now what every day life is like
Design the interviews you’re going to do and then create a project that you’re going to use
Think and work in groups carefully about how you’re going to give an impression that highlights day to day stuff that people of the future won’t know about
They know everything about our architecture etc. what we want to do is to write about what felt normal in life
Minimum of 5 interviews
Most of it is writing but some of it is visual stuff that you need- there needs to be a creative aspect

6 pages essay(Not includes 5 transcripts)

Please write in simple language.


Imagine five interviews, they should be students or your friends and family.

The requirement is to let people in the future to know about today’s life through the five interviews.

Write 5 Transcripts,

Transcript is the audio of the interview directly into the text.(Take the useful part quote and put it in your essay)

You need to introduce the background of each interviewee (it must be someone that a student can get in touch in the United States).