IT Failure and Management’s Role


Healthcare sector has adopted IT in its operations, and positive impact has been reported.
IT has been used in the healthcare to record and store information. IT has also enhanced efficient
sharing of patient’s data or information in various departments of the health care. The most
prominent failure in IT of the healthcare sector is the poor network connection. The challenges
cause a lot of delays. Increased IT failure in today’s health sector is due to using of unreliable
infrastructure. Healthcare sectors end up purchasing low standard IT infrastructure with an aim
to avoid expenses. Low standard infrastructures are prone to breakages, and cannot work for long
hours. Many healthcare has reported infrastructure breakages while processing information
besides being slow.
Although the IT projects are faced with many challenges, the healthcare sector cannot
abandon it due to its outstanding benefits. The organizations should come up with strategies to
mitigate the problems. One of the most excellent strategies that can be applied is adoption of
quality standard measures that help purchase appropriate infrastructures. A decline in the IT
failure has reported due to upholding quality standards. Management, staffs and stakeholders
play vital roles in the implementation of the health information systems. All the three parties
should perform their tasks efficiently. The management should come up with the right decisions
when purchasing IT infrastructure, allocating resources and delegating duties. The staffs should
ensure they uphold their responsibilities assigned in the implementation process with honesty
and transparency. The stakeholders should support the information systems in the healthcare
process to enhance its successfulness.