lab quiz lesson 1

  1. Lab Quiz for Lesson 1Due:June 14Include all answers on a seperate .doc file clearly labeled with your name, date, course # andeach seperate answer clearly labeled.______________________________________________________________________________________

    1. What will the following code produce? Feel free to run program in NetBeans.package JavaTutorials;public class BooleanTestExercise {public static void main(String[] args) {//Use the boolean keyword to declare boolean variable boolean testResult;//Initialize the boolean variable with value true or false, once boolean declaration is donetestResult = true;//Print the value of boolean variableSystem.out.println(“Test Result is: ” + testResult);//Change the value of boolean variabletestResult = false;//Print the value of boolean variableSystem.out.println(“Test Result is: ” + testResult); }}

    2. Write a Java program to print the following output:++++++@@@@@@******######3. Write a Java program to declare three variable a, b, & c and store the values respectively 10, 20.3 & 3.14785 . Then display their values on the screen.4. What is the purpose of System.out.println() method ?OptionsA – Receive data from keyboard in a console program.B – Display output on the Console.5. Find the errors in the below program:


    public static void main(String[] args) {

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    valueInt int = 18;

    valueDob double = 10.10;

    valueBool boolean = true;