Literature sonnet of my own

 My assignment is a 14 line poem which means sonnet and this is what the teacher said ″Write a sonnet of your own. It must have all the features of a sonnet ( 14 lines, abab cdcd efef gg, etc.), and more importantly it must be about English 12 class. The theme is English 12, our class or technology″

The society is full of things that are good or bad.
Anything can be one of them
Technology is one of the things that can be good or bad.
Depending on its use, technology can save people’s lives or ruin them.

Imagine how the world would look
Sitting near a wooden gate in the evening counting your sheep
When nothing technological would be present not even a book
And one would seat on a chair waiting the birds to sing him to sleep

Without it the people in Nagasaki would have not lost their lives
For the war was enhanced by technology.
There were less battles when people lived in caves
But technology came to give conflicts new energy

Technology can destroy or create.
Through it the future of our children can be dull or great.