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final draft of Magazine Advertisement Essay doc or .docx format. Magazine Advertisement Essay Skills: Critical Thinking Essay Writing Step 2: Write an essay answering the following question: what key strategy (or strategies) does the advertisement use to make the product or idea in the advertisement seem appealing to its target audience? In other words, how does the advertisement sell the product? (Some advertisements, such as ads published by PETA or the World Wildlife Fund, promote ideas or lifestyles rather than selling products, but they still use advertising tricks to get viewers’ attention and promote their agenda.) Your job is to explain to your reader why the creator(s) of the advertisement made the choices they did in creating the advertisement and how that helps them to achieve their purpose: selling a product (or promoting an idea). In order to do this, you may also need to consider the target audience of the advertisement. You may use information (or quotations) from “The Language of Persuasion,” by The Media Literacy Project, or “With These Words, I Can Sell You Anything,” by William Lutz, but you are not required to. These two articles do not cover all of the possible strategies an advertisement could use (neither goes into depth about color use, for example). Things not to do: Don′t describe the advertisement in the introduction paragraph because, then, you can′t use those described details as evidence without repeating yourself. The ad is the main source of evidence for this essay, so describe the relevant parts of the ad in your body paragraphs as those details are needed as evidence to prove your points. Don′t write about the product or idea found in the advertisement. You may have strong opinions about the subject the advertisement is talking about, but your job for this essay is to analyze how the ad sells the product or idea, not to talk about what the ad is selling. Audience: Although you will turn in your advertisement to me along with your essay, your assumed audience is someone who has not seen the advertisement. Therefore, you will need to describe any details which are relevant to your argument for your reader. Expectations: A clearly stated, specific, straightforward thesis containing an arguable opinion. By choosing a specific set of strategies to focus on, you are “arguing” that those strategies are the ones that matter and that the advertisement is indeed using those strategies. An organized structure in which key points are grouped with their supporting examples. Each paragraph should have its own focus/subtopic. Specific references to examples from the “text” (in this case, the magazine advertisement) to support the thesis and any key points or sub-arguments. For this assignment, please do not do outside research on the ad without asking me first. Focus on the details of the advertisement instead. You may need to draw on your own knowledge about American culture in order to explain why certain details were used. You do not need to describe all of the details in the advertisement, only the ones that support your argument, but described details from the ad will be your main source of evidence, if not your only source. Analysis, not just desсrіption. Once you have provided an example, you will need to explain to your reader how that example proves your point, why it is important, how it relates to the main topic, or why you chose that example in particular. Clear, readable, precise prose. Please edit your final draft to get rid of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as awkward Please edit your final draft to get rid of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as awkward sentences. Academic tone. This essay should not use personal pronouns such as “I” or “you,” slang, or informal language. Requirements: Length: Your essay should be a minimum of 800 words. Formatting: Your essay should be in MLA format: Typed Double-Spaced Times New Roman 12 point font 1-inch margins on all sides A heading on the first page on the top left including your name, my name, the class title, and the date A header on the top right with your last name and page numbers A title, centered, one line after the heading and one line before the beginning of the essay

United Colors of Benetton
The United Colors of Benetton is an international brand. It is known for its
clothing design based on knitwear expertise, social commitment, and colors.
United Colors of Benetton is a global brand that uses Italian style to produce
quality outfits. The ad displays outfits created to enhance the future of all humans
and their environment. In this paper, the main focus is to present advertising
strategies. The United Colors of Benetton uses several strategies to market and
advertise its products to customers. They include colors, ability to address social
issues, unity, and shock advertising.


The Use of Colors
United Colors of Benetton advertisement in figure 1 uses several advertising
strategies to sell the products. The main strategy used to sell the product to the
customer by United Colors of Benetton is using different colors. In the ad above,
it is conspicuous that the company is advertising clothes for children of all
different ages. Thus, the customers are likely to buy clothes for their children in
one-stop-shop based on the color they want.
The Use of Different Races to Demonstrate Unity
Another strategy in this ad is using children from different races. Here, there are
white and black children. Thus, the plan demonstrates unity across the globe,
which means that United Colors of Benetton does not discriminate customers
based on their skin color. In that regard, this ad is likely to attract customers all
over the world.
Shock Advertising
Another strategy is the use of photography via the idea of shock-advertising. In
this ad, using photographs of children of different colors is a form of shock-
advertising. It deals with an issue that some people don’t want to address, like
stigmatizing and stereotyping black people in Europe and America. Therefore, I
see that this ad tries to unite the world. One day, people of different races, ethical
backgrounds, and cultures will freely venture into the international market
without discrimination. In my view, this ad has nothing to do with shoes and
clothes. I see the sense of allowing everybody to consume products they find
essential in their life from any market in the world.

Mainly, the ad deploys the concept of “shockvertising”. This concept has been
used to address the sensitive social issue of unity in diversity and eliminates
racism by using black and white children in the same platform. The United Colors
of Benetton demonstrates in this ad that advertising strategy focuses on the
product by connecting different aspects to attract customers.
The Ability to Address Social Issues
In the above advertisement, The United Colors of Benetton uses the social issue
of eliminating racism to sell its product. This approach makes it one of a few
business entities that do not emphasize showing its products in the ads. The
company advertise the benefits of using its products by presenting a motive of
eliminate racism. Using different races in this ad indicates that the company is
ready to venture into various market segments comprised of whites, Asians,
Latinos, Mexican-Americans, and blacks.
Besides, this ad is used by the United Colors of Benetton to demonstrate a lack of
consumer connection but the presence of individual links by emphasizing in the
universal values. Therefore, this ad frees the products from manufacturing and
merchandise by making it a social aspect. Thus, this ad addresses an individual by
targeting a shared vision of common values rather than age or income. In this ad,
the word “United” is used as a metaphor to demonstrate that there are no racial
differences in the world of business.
The Use of the Rope
The next strategy in the ad above is the use of the rope that joins all the children.
This rope represents the unity of people in society regardless of their skin colors.

Therefore, the United Colors of Benetton tries to emphasize that their products
promote integration. In other words, by consuming its products, consumers can
unite and make the company the main supply of products they need to consume.
Mainly, the United Colors of Benetton operates as a family business, and this ad
tries to emphasize on massive buying of products as a family would consume
different products.
Audience for this Ad
The target audience for this advertisement is parents and guardians who have the
desire to buy different outfits for their children. The choice to use different colors
of the products has been used in this ad to attract buyers based on their best
colors. Besides, the idea of using black and white children has been used in the ad
to attract customers from different races. The main objective of the ad is to fight
racism and a culture of hatred in the market.  In the above advertising campaign,
everybody is united by the colors of Benetton regardless of sex, culture or race.
Therefore, it is acceptable to say that this ad targets all potential customers across
the globe.
Overall, this ad is a commercial advertisement, but some people may feel
uncomfortable. However, commercial advertisements should not please everyone,
and that why they have a target audience. The strategies used by the United
Colors of Benetton in this ad are unique in the market. Many companies have
attempted to copy these strategies, but they fail terribly. To sum up, the
advertising strategy in this ad is so distinct from other ads in the market. It will be a harmful impact if the United Colors of Benetton loses a competitive advantage
in the market, even after using this ad.