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Exam #2 Part 2

1. A developmental psychologist was interested in how long it would take a particular 7-
year-old child to complete three different aptitude tests as compared with 7-year-olds in
the general population. The child's time for reading was 31 minutes (population: M = 29,
SD = 4). For math, it was 26 minutes (population: M = 32, SD = 2). For science, it was 40
minutes (population: M = 31, SD = 4).
a. Calculate the child's z- scores for each of the aptitude tests. (15 pts)
b. What proportion of the normal distribution corresponds to z-score values greater than
the child’s z-score on the science test. (5 pts)
c. Which aptitude test(s) took the child substantially more time to complete as compared
with other 7-year-olds? (5 pts)


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