navigate to the imdb com website and perform a search for genres 100 words total min

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This question has two parts. Please be sure to answer both parts.

Part One: Navigate to the website and perform a search for genres. You will notice if you click on, for instance, the category “Romance,” that many films appear on the list that you may not have thought would fall under this category.

Reflect on the film you studied for your W2 assignment. (Be sure and include the name of the film you are discussing.) What is the film’s dominant genre according to IMDb? What are the characteristics of that genre? Are there subgenres? Discuss how the film exemplifies or fails to exemplify its dominant genre (and subgenres) in your opinion. What role does genre play in the way you decide which films to watch, and which films not to watch?

Part Two: Please end your responses and comments with open-ended and thought-provoking questions that assist further discussion on the topic