Oppression causes destruction.

complete the paper using table shown
Follow the exact instructions on the papers given here are some examples on how to do it. The central theme of group theme that you’ll be using is: Oppression leads to loss and causes destruction. The individual Aspect you’ll be using is: Oppression leads to death.

Use the three articles that are being sent to help answer/ fill out the rest



Ignoring children is a form of
oppression that can destroy
their lives.

Significance to Text
In the “Dangerous
Astronomy”…. the narrator
wanted to leave the baby
alone in the house so that
he can praise the stars.
Leaving the baby would
result to oppression that can
destroy the relationship
between the baby and his

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Alexie tries to demonstrate
the child require attention
of both parents. Even with
the presence of the father,
the baby keeps crying for
breast milk from the

Group’s Theme
Oppression leads to loss and
causes destruction.

Individual Aspect
Oppression leads to

Assertion #2
Allowing people to suffer
from diseases in a form of
oppression that can cause
loss of life.
Significance to Text
In the “Little Spirit Sun”…
the narrator explains how
people died from diseases.
Many people in the South
of Nadouissioux have died
from oppression and
diseases. There are only a
few survivors in the area.

Erdrich starts the article by
explaining how died and
continue to fall like snow.
Diseases have oppressed many
people causing death of many.
He also explains how disasters
oppress people. He says that
the world is limitless.

Assertion #3
Lack of sufficient drugs
to treat diseases is a
form of oppression that
can cause death.
Significance to Text
In “Drug Store Indian”…
the narrator has never
used drugs to treat
diseases. His mother
also died from
Tuberculosis due to
lack of drugs.

Sherman Alexie
demonstrates the
oppression using the
dialogue between the
narrator and a pharmacist.
He often use the word
drank, drank to
demonstrate happiness of
the narrator after using