Physical Attractiveness

A. Search Youtube for two videos dealing with male and/or female physical
attractiveness. The videos don’t have to be scholarly or didactic (though they may
be)—options include videos related to advertisement, popular culture, music, and
so on. Feel free to get a bit creative if you like. Controversial videos are OK. They can
take a sociological/cultural perspective or a more biological one. The videos should
be connected in some way, either because they touch on the same issues or because
of some other connection.
Titles of the videos and links:

B. Discuss the videos in relation to the material presented in class an in the textbook
(~600 words). For example: How do they address attractiveness? What points do
they make? What assumptions do they make about the nature of attractiveness?
Does an evolutionary perspective offer any useful insights on the issue? Do the
videos present evidence that is hard to reconcile with an evolutionary approach?
Why? How do the videos (and your reflections) relate to alternative perspectives
you encountered in other courses?

C. Present your conclusions from a more personal standpoint (~200 words). For
example: How do the videos and the ideas discussed in this course relate to your
views of attractiveness? Do they fit with your experiences? Did this exercise give
you any insights or helped change your mind in any way?



"Picking a Partner"
“Attraction of Women and Men”


Mate selection is a crucial decision on an individual’s life. The process of mate
selection is simple but involves many complexities for every woman and man. Before every
woman and man moves to the marriage act, they have to make many considerations. One of
the consideration that many people considers is physical attractiveness. Physical
attractiveness is ranked among the most top priorities together with socio-economical
stability that influences mate selection. The study will focus on the physical attraction that
influences mate selection as outlined by “Picking a Partner and Attraction of Women and
Men.” According to both the videos, the physical attributes that are of concern include
height, age, and weight for both males and females.

Physical attraction of women to men

Women, unlike men, need some time to evaluate the physical qualities that determines
their attraction to men. The videos agree that females are attracted to men who are young
and tall. In addition, height on a man is a major quality that women are interested in. women
consider psychological secure to be associated with tall men hence most of the tall men are
preferred as opposed to short ones. The second quality that women are attracted to in men is
the width of the shoulders. The men who appear more masculine attracts more women. The
women are attracted to men who appear to have a narrow waist and wide shoulders.
According to "Attraction of Women and Men", masculine men are also perceived by women
to be more sexually active in bed. Lastly, the facial features of a man are considered to
attract women by "Picking a Partner and Attraction of women and men." The physical
qualities that are associated with facial features include prominent check muscle, and wide
jaw. Besides, any quality that makes a face seem more masculine attracts ladies.
Physical attractiveness of Men to Women

According to the two videos, men are attracted to women based on six physical
features. First, a wider waist to hips ratio attracts men to women. men associate the big hips
with childbirth. Therefore, most men perceive wider hips to be essential during the whole
process of pregnancy from carrying pregnancy to the delivery of the baby. Secondly, men
are attracted to ladies with a high voice. According to both the videos, the high voice that is
pitched signifies youthfulness and feminine body. Both youthfulness and feminine body
associated with high voice are qualities that attract men to women. Thirdly, men are
attracted to women with healthy hair. Men consider full, shiny and long hair attractive.
Besides, the men perceive the hair as a sign of fertility and healthiness. The attractiveness of
the women's hair according to "Attraction of Women and Men," is based on the natural hair
and not fake-hair modified by regular salon visits.
The fourth physical quality that attracts men to women is the smile. Smile is a sign of
happiness. The videos have revealed that the attractiveness of a lady is based on her
happiness established by a smile. Moreover, ladies with white teeth are ranked high when it
comes to attractiveness based on a smile. The other quality that attracts women to men is the
height. Just as the women prefer tall men, the gentlemen are also attracted to tall ladies. Men
mostly consider tall ladies beautiful. The tallness that men consider attractive is not the
runway ready or willowy figures but the proportion of the length of the legs to height. The
videos also indicate that ladies with long arms also attracted men. Men perceive the long
arms as essential in holding them during the night. Lastly, big boobs physical attract men.
the videos revealed that the combination of big boobs and narrow waist is a major physical
quality that makes ladies attractive. The video "Picking a Partner," indicates that when a
man first looks at women, the eyes quickly explores the breast and waist.



The physical attractiveness plays a major role in the selection of a mate. Other than
other factors such as cultural, religious restrictions and socio-economic factors, the physical
appearance determines the choice of a mate. Both men and women have an interest in some
qualities such as height and facial appearance. The makeups that ladies apply to their body
do not change the physical appearance. Besides, the natural look attracts more men as
opposed to the makeups. Lastly, the dressing code cannot change the physical appearance
and hence the attractiveness. Therefore, people should work towards maintaining their
physical attractiveness by activities such as keeping their hair smart, brushing teeth and
going to gyms to maintain figures.