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PlayStation 4 versus Xbox One Comparison 

In the world of gaming, two giant video game consoles have dominated the industry over the years and they are the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One. The battle between the two has been on the rise as each strives to advance the gaming experience and thus become the top choice for gamers (Diffen, 2018). The PS4 and Xbox One are the latest models from Sony and Microsoft respectively, having succeeded the PS3 and Xbox 360. Due to their popularity, the previous generations of gaming consoles sold over a hundred million units for each. The current versions are expected to sell in hundreds of millions before their predecessors, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, are released (Andronico, 2020). When the PS4 and Xbox One were released, they had a similar price tag of $399 without the Kinect. Despite having the same price, they have several similarities and differences which make gamers determine which to buy. 

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have the same central processing unit. They operate using the single-chip x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor (Thompson, 2019). This CPU eight cores which ensure a smooth gaming experience for the gamers. The PlayStation 4 has a slightly slower CPU with a clock speed of 1.6GHz while the Xbox One runs at 1.75GHz making it faster in loading and streaming the games (Diffen, 2018). The Xbox One has thirty-two megabytes of static random-access memory card. The PlayStation 4 has An ARM CPU and a random access memory card that is meant for enhancing running background processes including recording and downloading (Brustein, 2015). PS4 and Xbox One are both 8th generation gaming consoles that contain an extensive library of games from their predecessors. The Xbox One has a 500GB/1 TB hard drive that is non-removable and non-upgradable. For the PS4, it has a 500 GB hard drive which can be upgraded and is removable (Tassi, 2017). From the 500 GB, 93 GB is dedicated to the operating system. 

The two gaming consoles have online services that are paid for through monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. The PlayStation Plus has a monthly subscription of $9.99, $17.99 quarterly, and $59.99 annually while Xbox Live has a $25 quarterly and $60 annual subscription. The Xbox One accesses the internet using the Microsoft Edge internet browser while the PS4 uses the PS4 Web browser (Andronico, 2020). Both units have AMD Next-Gen graphics which are Radeon HD7xxx series equivalent. The Xbox uses Kinect motion sensors while the PlayStation 4 has a gyroscope on the PlayStation camera. The controller inputs for the PlayStation 4 include the PlayStation camera, dual-shock 4, and voice command. The Xbox One has the Kinect, voice command, and Xbox One controllers (Diffen, 2018). Both have an HDMI output for the videos to connect to a screen where the games are displayed. 

The most noticeable differences include the operating systems for the two devices. The PS4 uses the Orbis OS while the Xbox One has the Xbox OS. PS4 menu is better built making it easier to navigate around in search of games (Thompson, 2019). Its console is awesome in capturing and sharing gameplay with others. It is also Bluetooth enabled and thus it can connect with other devices and share video records and images from the games (Tassi, 2017). With video graphic resolutions up to 4K, gamers have the best quality images and thus improving their experience. PS4 can stream on YouTube and share on Facebook and Twitter. The Xbox One does not support Bluetooth and thus, sharing is done via the internet. It also supports graphics resolutions up to 1080p which is lower than that of the PS4 (Brustein, 2015). It is limited to streaming on Microsoft Mixer. However, both PS4 and Xbox One can broadcast the games on Twitch. 

On the entertainment front, the Xbox is considered to be better than the PS4. It is capable of transmitting the signals of a cable box TV and allows the gamer to quickly change from playing a game to watching a show of choice. It is capable of supporting the Dolby Atmos which allows the Xbox to be connected to other sound appliances and thus improve the sound experience for the gamers (Brustein, 2015). With the Kodi app being featured on the Xbox, it is possible to access entertainment files from other devices, watch movies and shows, and listen to movies (Diffen, 2018). However, both the PS4 and Xbox One offer major entertainment features from large companies such as Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and Crunchyroll (Thompson, 2019). Xbox has additional music apps such as Deezer, Pandora, and Soundcloud (Andronico, 2020). 

In conclusion, it is difficult to determine which of the two gaming consoles is better than the other PS4 and Xbox One has many features in common, and others that are different. They offer the best experience in their unique ways and thus make it competitive to determine the one to choose. They have many games that can be played between several people or between a person and the computer. In terms of navigation and sharing, the PS4 is better than the Xbox One. However, the Xbox One is better in entertainment as it is capable of connecting with other devices in the house to enhance sound quality. The PS4 can be upgraded while the Xbox One cannot and thus limiting the gamer from making any changes to the hard drive. It is upon individual preference to determine which is more suitable as both are closely related in almost all properties.



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