please follow apa and give both in different paper question 1 and 2

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Discussion Board

After reviewing the video lectures and supplemental content above, complete the discussion forum for week two.

For week 2, review the cloud

characteristics vs cloud mechanisms document . Compare and contrast cloud characteristics vs cloud mechanisms. Based on your compare and contrast analysis, what information do you think is most important for making a business case to adopt a cloud solution?

Do forget to follow the discussion forum guidelines.


Business Case Sections G3 and G4

When change needs to happen in an organization, a business case is used to justify the change. On page 464 in your textbook is a generic business case template. The template is intended as a generic starting point that needs further customization to better match organization requirement and preferences. The template also acts as a checklist of considerations that pertain to adoption. The business case can be used to have healthy conversations around the legitimacy of the cloud or any technology adoption in the preliminary planning stages. Click here to see a real world example of a business case (Google Apps for Education).

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Business Case Background:

Your organization needs to replace 22 physical servers and your CIO would like to implement a cloud strategy. You have been assigned the project. To initiate the project, you will have to create a business case for the cloud strategy. The business case will be presented to the CEO of the organization.

For this assignment, please complete business case sections G.3 and G.4 starting on page 464 in the textbook.