Project Quality Plan

Project Quality Plan
Project Name: Staging Books Online To Allow Users Buy and Read Digitally
1. Project Quality Plan Purpose
From a management point of view, project quality plan is a specific plan utilized to describe
project processes, tools, standards, and activities relevant in achieving quality in the delivery of a
project. The chief objective for managing quality is to ensure that the deliverables of a projected
are processed and completed with the best acceptable level of quality.
2. Quality Management Method
The main components in the project quality plan demonstrate how the team will ensure quality
output in the form of deliverables, solutions, and recommendation. The project involves staging
some books online to allow consumers to buy and read digitally.
3. Project Quality Control
Project Deliverables
Milestone Deliverables
The process of staging books online requires
the team to possess skills in web development
and management of content creation.

 a website where books will be staged
and books to be used.
 Another deliverable that needs to be
delivered in this project is building a
blueprint for stocking books.

Accessibility of books by users  System design: system design is a
deliverable that the team should

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emphasize to enable online transactions
such as making payments once the user
purchases or read a book.
 The web application: A website will
create an online platform where users
will buy and read books digitally.
 Project charter: This will be used to
launch the project. The web application
process is a deliverable that should be
considered with the primary motive.
Types of books  The project will use books in their
softcopy format to allow users to access
them online.
 the team should ensure that these books
are not editable by hackers to prevent
project imitation

4. Project Quality Control Procedures
Project Solutions
All the deliverables in this project are essential for the completion of the project. In that
regard, several solutions are relevant to ensure quality results of these deliverables. The
following solutions will propel the process of staging books online.
Solution Strategy

1. Perfect market research on online buyer
and readers

 Mainly, creating a website is not
enough. It is essential to determine the
number of estimated potential
 Through the research, the team will
understand different types of books on
demand and forms of digital payments
that customers will prefer to use. online
business is subjected to many
externalities that make customers lose
trust with quality providers.

2. The project will stage verified books  The project will stage verified books to
avoid breaching copyright rules and
regulation. In that regard, the team will
name and license the project to make it

3. Next, the team will target a specific

 For users to buy and read books
digitally, aspects such as networking
connectivity and literacy are relevant.
 The project target urban centres and
institutions of higher learning

4. Pricing  Another point to include in the project
is creating a pricing structure to allow


users to determine whether to buy or
read the book digitally.

5. Management Escalation Plan
Project Recommendations
After exploring project deliverables and solution, this project is highly viable. In that regard,
several recommendations can be used to better the process of completing the project.
Escalation Recommendation
1. Difficulty reaching users  Launch this project. Mainly, launching is
used as a marketing or advertising strategy.
 Through launching, potential customers will
be informed on how they can buy and read
books online.

2. Low number of customers  It will be essential to offer discounts to the

 The project will provide discounts to the
first 100 customers who buy or read books
digitally after launching.
 Create a platform where customers can
present their feedbacks and reviews.

6. Quality Plan Approvals Prepared by
____________________________________________________ Project Manager Approved by

____________________________________________________ Project Sponsor
___________________________________________________ Executive Sponsor
_________________________________________ Client Sponsor