research paper 674

Focus on 2 or 3 poems and support a discussion with 4 -5 sources

.For a thesis, you could consider discussing different personae in say, two or three poems (the ones you posted on). One voice is the independent, solitary woman who selects her own society. Another is the erotic voice who longs for reunion, consummation of a physical connection. A third voice might be a philosopher or intellectual thinker (See “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”).

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I attached copies of the paper you did already on her ( Emily Dickinson) ” The Soul Selects Her Own Society, Tell All the Truth, But Tell It Slant and Wild Nights-Wild Night! so we need to do the research paper on those. and I also attached an example model paper of what she is looking for in the research paper posted by the professor ( just to have an idea)!


Well developed papers ( 8 pages for the researched critical paper) should exhibit the following elements:

* a clear thesis.

* unity (everything in the paper serves the thesis idea).

* wholeness (everything needed is contained).

* logical organization.

* abundant supporting detail.

* effective sentence patterns.

* correct grammar, syntax, mechanics.

* correct manuscript form (including MLA documentation (8th ed.) and Works Cited

Page, as required.

*imagination, insight, energy