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End of life care is significant among the elderly in fulfilling their wishes to dye in their own homes. The emergence of palliative care and hospice programs is to boost elderly desires to dye in their homes. However, in the current years the elderly dye in hospitals and public utilities away from their wishes. Reasons related to trends of increased hospital deaths are the change in family arrangements from the traditions where the elderly lived with their spouses or alone. In the event of need of care, no family members is available to give attention to the elderly and end up in hospital beds increasing chances of hospital deaths. Also, social demographic factors influence the place of death. Education levels and income influences lifestyle; thus elderly with high income have the chance to afford proper medication and diet and pay a specialist to offer end of care life services. As a nurse, I can support clients regarding the end of life care by involving them in decision making and respect their wishes regardless of personal opinions (Gjerberg et al., 2015). Also, as a nurse acknowledging and taking action whenever a client is in pain or distress is critical. As a primary caregiver, a nurse identifies and communicates clients need to other specialist seeking for help. Also, nurses engages in sensitive communication with the client and family giving an honest response to them to prevent mind torture at the end of life stage. End of life care is critical, and implementation of strategies to respect elderly wishes is crucial. Supporting patient’s wishes as well as encourage the family to respect and honor those wishes is crucial too.


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