scholar practitioner project 8

Pleae use the following points below to write the Project Outline.

  • Epidemiological topic of interest: The role Folic Acids plays in decreasing birth defects in pregnant women
  • Epidemiological study design: case-control
  • Main exposure/risk factor(s): Folic Acid
  • Health outcome/disease(s): occurrence of neural tube defects (NTDs)
  • Population of interest : Pregnant womenin optimal child bearing age (ages 20-35)
  • Research question(s): What is the association between the consumption of Folic Acid supplementation during pregnancy and the occurrence of neural tube defects or NTDs in women aged 20-35?

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This assignment should be written as a 4-6 page scholarly paper excluding title page and references (do not just provide an outline). APA form and style are expected to be followed, including the correct use of in-text citations and references.

The following is an example of a content outline for this paper. While you are not required to follow this outline exactly, all of the following content should be included in some way in the scholarly paper:

  • Introduction
    • One paragraph briefly restating the purpose and focus of the study
  • Instrumentation (data collection tools such as surveys, interviews, or medical record abstraction forms)
    • For each published instrument you plan to use:
      • Identify the name of the instrument, its author, and its year of publication
      • Describe the instrument and what it measures
      • Discuss why the instrument is appropriate for your study and your population
      • Provide information about where and with whom the instrument has been used previously
      • Include information on the instruments’ known validity/reliability
    • For each instrument you plan to create yourself:
      • Describe the instrument and what it measures
      • Discuss your plans for testing validity and reliability
      • Provide information about how your instrument will help answer your research questions
  • Operationalization of Variables (exposures, outcomes, covariates, potential confounders)
    • For each variable in your study describe:
      • Its definition specific to your study
      • How it will be measured in your study
      • How the variable will be coded (e.g., if collecting information on age will it be collected continuously (individual age in years) or in categories (age 18-24, 25-34, etc.)?)
    • For each scale in your study, describe:
      • Its definition specific to your study
      • How the scale score is calculated and interpreted
  • Confounding
    • Identify possible confounders of the associations in your research questions
    • Discuss strategies that you will use to minimize and/or measure confounding in your study
  • References