see the question below 6

Cost Benefit Analysis of House Top Solar System

Problem Statement

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You will conduct a CBA using the Benefit-to-Cost Ratio method for determining if a 5kW solar system is a justifiable investment. For the calculation, you will use costs, benefits and disbenefits that you select to include in the analysis. If you need to monetize indirect costs and/or benefits (converted to $), the conversion must use some documented source, and not some random guess of yours. Any online calculator you use is fine, but you must include it in the report.

You will submit your CBA (Excel file) as a short analysis and report (2 pages) that defends the costs, benefits and disbenefits you chose to include in the analysis, as well as: a) methods for converting indirect costs, benefits and disbenefits to dollars, b) discount rate, and c) analysis period.

To receive full credit:

a) Clearly state all assumptions you make for the project.

b) Make sure to properly cite all of your sources.