software development life cycle for data in the cloud computing environment using square 1

5-7 pages

Your client is an HR company that is moving HR applications and HR data into a community cloud, sharing tenancy with other clients. Your company has set up a software as a service, SAS, offering for its client base.

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The data that the HR company will be pushing to and from the cloud will contain sensitive employee information, such as personally identifiable information, PII. You will have to address sensitive data and transit issues of the client data using the HR applications stored in the cloud, and provide a lifecycle management report that includes solutions to the cloud computing architect of your company.

As the cloud security architect, you will need to understand the security development lifecycle process. To learn about this, review the following resources:

Click the following links to learn more about critical infrastructure sectors:

In your report, you will tailor your life cycle using security development lifecycle elements as well as from the software development life cycle elements, which would use software development methodologies.

Provide the concepts of the project. Describe your rationalizations for your tailoring. Define the products needed. Describe the mission of the client organization and the business need to move to a community cloud.

Begin Functional Analysis and Design—Use SQUARE for Requirements Information Gathering

Now that the team has initiated the project, they will now focus on the functional design of the project.

Click the following link to learn more about software quality requirements engineering (SQUARE). Then, identify the SQUARE process and provide an overview of how to collect requirements for the security technology and/or techniques that are being proposed.

This information will be added to the group report.

The team has successfully examined the phases of a software development life cycle, defined the scope, and analyzed requirements for the project. Now you must begin your research into the Hadoop cloud environment to better understand what it takes to secure data in the cloud. To learn more about databases, review the following: Database Models