unit 1 health lab questions

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What Makes Us Sick

  1. When Rishi Manchanda says, “Where health care begins is not the four walls of a doctor’s office, but where we live and work; where we eat, sleep, learn, and play; where we spend the majority of our time,” what specifically does he mean? How can work and play or where we eat and sleep impact our health?
  2. How is the way that Rishi Manchanda approached diagnosing and treating Veronica’s illness different from the way that other doctors might have approached it? Do you think Manchanda’s approach is helpful? Why or why not?
  3. What does Rishi Manchanda mean when he says that his approach to health care is an “upstream approach”?
  4. If what Rishi Manchanda says is true, and our living and working conditions have more than twice the impact on our health than our genetic codes have, why do you think that doctors don’t pay more attention to their patients’ living conditions?
  5. The term health equity is a hot topic these days. What do you think health equity means? Does Rishi Manchanda’s outlook on health care relate to health equity at all?
  6. Rishi Manchanda comments about all of the compelling stories that he hears about patients just like Veronica. Do you know anyone who has a similar story to Veronica’s and has fallen through the cracks of our health care system? Do you feel that they would benefit from an organization like HealthBegins? Why or why not?
  7. What are some potential issues that you see could arise with Rishi Manchanda’s organization HealthBegins? Why might these be issues?
  8. What can you do within your community to help promote health equity for all people? What could you do on a more widespread scale to promote health equity outside of your community?
  9. Pretend that you have to create a short docufilm about a change you would like to make in our nation’s health care system to better serve all patients. What would your docufilm be about? What would it be titled? What would you hope to accomplish with your film? Write a short blurb describing your perspective on health care and how you would make a film to promote a change that you find necessary in our health care system.