what makes instant pot such a phenomenal success

Topic :The Anatomy of a Best Seller

What makes Instant Pot such a phenomenal success?

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An application of marketing strategy theory


Address the following in this one-page paper:

  1. Context for Instant Pot: What is it? Who is the developer? How many have been sold?

Inside the Home of Instant Pot, the Kitchen Gadget That Spawned a Religion

Everyone take a deep breath. You’re Instant Pot has not been recalled.

Instant Pot Blog


  1. What is Instant Pot’s marketing strategy? To develop a strategy, the marketer must first know:
    1. The customer’s needs and desires and
    2. develop product, price, promotion and distribution strategies that fulfill those needs and desires (Ch 2).
  2. What three substantive conclusions can you surmise from this best seller?

Paper format:

  1. One page minimum, – 1 ½ page maximum, single space, 1” margins top and bottom.
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  3. Title of Paper
  4. Written content