white collar crime 15

Question 1

Discuss the ways in which environmental crimes can be a form of white-collar crime.

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Question 2

Explain the three cultural factors that lead to white-collar crime according to the cultural theory.

Question 3

Defend or argue the deterrence theory of white-collar crime.

Question 4

Compare and contrast the classical strain theory with one of the other two types of the strain theory.

Question 5

Discuss the pros, cons, and potential ethical issues regarding the use of undercover investigations in white-collar crime.

Question 6

Summarize four of the six main problems encountered by enforcement officials when addressing white-collar crime.

Question 7

Choose a self-policing strategy and write a persuasive argument for its use versus a governmental policing strategy.

Question 8

Compare an administrative white-collar crime proceeding versus a criminal white-collar crime proceeding.

Question 9

Describe some of the reasons researchers believe judges treat white-collar offenders more leniently than traditional offenders. Then argue whether or not you believe white-collar offenders are punished more leniently than traditional offenders are. Provide evidence to support your argument.

Question 10

Why are white-collar criminals more difficult to hold accountable in the criminal justice system than traditional criminals?

Please Include References