your role as a transformational leader

Assignment 1: Your Role as a Transformational Leader

What situations may require a transformational leader? As you think about the situation for your final project in Week 8, use this week to create the context for the situation that you will use for the remainder of this course. You are starting to build your case study for the presentation in week 8. In a summary paper of no more than 5 pages, complete the following:

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  • Describe the situation and your role as a transformational leader.
  • Develop the context for the situation.
  • Define and discuss the component of Idealized Influence and how you as the transformational leader will demonstrate ethical behaviors in building trust with the followers. Please include specific examples that correlate to the behaviors.

I’d like the paper to focus on being a transformational leader within the restaurant industry and how it can help employee retention and happiness and how that can effect the success of the restaurant.

I work at Snooze AM eatery

some sources but not limited to:……

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