Title (This should not really be more than 15 words long). Introduction: This should include the rationale for your chosen topic and should set out the research question. It needs to say why this question is worth asking. It should include relevant references to support this statement (200-300 words). Literature review: A critical review of relevant literature concerning the chosen subject. The review need to set out a broad overview of what is known, and develop the argument for why you have arrived at your specific research focus (around 600-700 words) Thesis statement (research aim): Here, you need a clear statement of the research aims (what will be achieved) and the objectives (what activities need to be conducted in order to meet the research aim). These should flow from the literature review (100-150 words) Document Preview:

Developing a professional research proposal This document contains guidance about the structure and content of your research proposal. However, keep in mind that each proposal will be slightly different. It needs to capture and reflect the specific requirements of your research question in terms of design, choice of methods, and the nature of the existing literature in your research area. This means that your proposal may differ slightly from the suggestions set out below in terms of both emphasis, and perhaps even structure. This is not an ‘off the peg’ guide for you to follow. Instead, it should be thought of as a set of minimum requirements for a successful research proposal. You are expected to decide on a topic which is relevant to your Master’s degree, and which you consider suitable for further investigation by primary research. You will then be to critically review the literature relevant to their chosen topic; specify a clear and achievable research question; make appropriate choices about research design; and chose suitable methods for gathering primary data. You are then asked to show your knowledge of research methods and processes, with feasibility and ethical considerations also being paramount. As part of the proposal, you are required to produce a workable data collection instrument (such as interview schedule, questionnaire, observation schedule, etc.) that is appropriate to the research question they have identified. However, carrying out data collection and analysis is not be necessary. As set out in the module handbook, the final project submission will draw on and integrate the three summative assessments submitted during the term. This takes the form of a 2500 word research proposal. This must be submitted via rdBlackboard by 23.59 on 3 May 2013.The structure of your research proposal needs to follow the logic of an argument. Break the final piece of work down into different sections, each of which makes…