Founded in 1969, the company has been influential in changing the cruise industry from a trans-ocean carrier service into a vacation option in and of itself. Royal Caribbean offers a variety of different itineraries including more than 160 destinations. In the late 1990s, after pleading guilty to charges of illegal dumping and obstruction of justice Royal Caribbean has pledged to clean up its act. In 2004, the company began installing Advanced Wastewater Purification systems on its fleet. Introduction covers the discharge of the garbage, sewage and black water by various ships and Cruise companies and to minimize the pollution caused. The discharge of garbage, sewage and black water by the cruise in the sea water and making the water polluted. The increasing amount of garbage, sewage and black water discharged by the Royal Caribbean ships and falsifying the documents about the garbage disposal. The coast liners are seriously concerned about the discharge as it is polluting the sea water. They are also concerned as the cruise companies falsify the statement and document about the said discharge. The Cruise companies are being fined but there is still no improvement seen in terms of improvement in the garbage disposal by the ships. Analysis Cruise ship lines like Royal Caribbean Cruises ltd and others are operating out of USA and other countries and their business model is to give tourists a voyage in the sea with lots of fun, games and activities with tour of far off places but other side of them is they generate lots of black water, gray water, oil bilge, garbage and solid waste which they dump treated or un-treated which negatively affects sea water and marine species and both inside the territory of countries and outside of that in international waters and simultaneously it is very difficult to watch upon them. But they are fined for that also by the different countries, i.e. US, etc. but in spite of that they repeatedly do so in spite of all the acts but due to different types of environmental laws, rules and regulations affects the proper control on their illegal activities. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. headquartered at Miami, Florida, USA was fined many a times for its illegal activities of dumping, tempering with records and repeated denial of any wrongdoing in spite of its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics whose motto is to take care of environment by way of reducing waste, recycling and proper disposal, despite of passage of Clean Cruise Ships Act, 2004 by US congress Royal Caribbean and other cruise liners are repeatedly doing it. Reasons for violations by cruise lines: It is very difficult to watch them due to they operate out of many countries which has different environmental laws and rules and regulations to control activities of these lines and there is a lack of coordination among different countries. Cruise lines operate in international waters for which no country’s environmental and other laws are applicable out of their territorial waters.