All due sections on the R files are supposed to be completed and you run them. Then, you need to copy the code you ran plus the output and plots you got all in a Word or pdf file (if any explanation is needed for any of the questions, please provide them) and then send with the codes. Note, there are some errors in the code that are put there intentionally so you would fix them as part of the assignment to make the code run. You can make a comparison between the code and the code that is provided and you need to figure out what needs to be fixed to make the code run. Let me know, I have removed the files that are irrelevant.
The Folder has 2 zip folders RF and Linear Regression_Boston, Week 8 Random Forest. The linear regression Boston script is basically a tutorial in R linear regression model syntax. The random forest Boston script has items due for 3 pts. The random forest crime script has items due for 4 points. The R script shows preparing the data. Use your skills in random forest etc. Deadline is 48 hours which expires on November 10, 2018.