ASSIGNMENT TASK Digitization of work has important implications for the nature, structure and conditions of work with work activities being increasingly sourced through artificial intelligence (AI) and, as a consequence, for HRM. While these changes have attracted attention from various academic disciplines and economic sectors, these developments have so far attracted only modest attention from HRM scholars and practitioners despite the potential to disrupt the traditional practice of HRM in organizations. This assignment is designed to extend your awareness and understanding of how more advanced forms of digitization (using AI as an example) transform the HRM function and affect how people work and are managed. With this overall aim of the research paper, you need to identify and focus on more specific research questions. Questions of potential interest include, but are NOT limited to: – How does the use of AI affect HRM outcomes? Through what mechanisms and under what conditions are these outcomes realized? – How is the adoption of AI changing the nature of jobs and structures in organizations? – Which competences do HR specialists need in order to create value out of using AI? Does this provide HR professionals a seat at the strategic table? – What are the ethical implications of using AI to manage employee relationships, careers and behaviors? LEARNING OBJECTIVE This assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply and synthesise the knowledge learnt and developed in the subject study and critically discuss and analyse contemporary HR issues. You are required to conduct a thorough research on the chosen topic area. The word length is exclusive of title page, figures/tables, appendices and references.