BPMN & SAP Workflow Design (Group of 3) Weighting: 35% Due: see VUCollaborate
Marked by: VU Lecturer
The EPC and Workflow diagrams from Assignment 1A should provide guidance for completing this
Part 1 BPMN (15%).
Develop a model for Premium Patio Furniture’s process using BPMN 2 (Business Process Model &
Notation). Students must use Signavio to produce the model. A (readable) print of the design in pdf format
must be submitted.
Part 2 SAP Workflow Design (20%).
Develop an SAP workflow design for Premium Patio Furniture’s process using the SAP workflow
framework. The parts of the design should be in the form suggested in the box below. Document Preview:

Victoria University BCO5501 Business Process Engineering – Semester 3 2018 Case Study: Premium Patio Furniture Premium Patio Furniture manufactures lawn and garden furniture, marques, and buildings. They manufacture both their own range of products and made to order products. The range of value of orders can be from $100 to $500,000. Premium Patio Furniture markets their products through retailers and direct sales. Larger orders may involve architects and builders and become separate projects. You are being asked to develop a system which will be used to monitor the supply of the large number of orders that are not set up as separate projects. Order Fulfilment Clerk My responsibility as an order clerk is to arrange the delivery of orders to customers. Orders arrive from several sources: retailers, individual customers, sales reps, and builders. There are basically four types of order. Bulk orders from retailers, custom orders from retailers, direct sales (both custom design and standard products) to a customer, and building contracts. Orders from retailers and builders with prior internal credit approval are sold on a payment within 30 days of delivery basis. If the order is significantly over the purchaser’s credit allowance, the purchaser is advised that the order cannot proceed until a payment is made on the outstanding balance and the order is held for 30 days and accounts receivable is informed of the new order. Accounts receivable then advises me when a payment is received. If no payment is received, the order is dropped. When payment is received or the order is within the credit limit, I first identify if it is an order requiring installation or not. Orders requiring installation are immediately passed to an Installer to schedule the installation. After they schedule the installation, the order is returned to me for processing. A date for shipment is set and the required materials are reserved and all other processing tasks are…