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Description of Products towards Youth Markets

Younger consumers are showing sudden changes in their demand and taste. It means they are not loyal towards single brand. Therefore, the marketers, who target the young Chinese market, should consider the tradition of China along with the western approach, before setting and developing products for them. The young market of China believes in groups in the place of individualism as like U.S. young market (Doole& Lowe, 2008). Therefore, the marketing strategy should not be based on U.S. marketing style otherwise; the product will not get customers’ attentions. In the context of youth markets, the food, fashion, technology, and sports are some products that are targeting the young market because of their demand and needs (Doole& Lowe, 2008).

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[School] [Course title] Q1: The CIO of Peapod grocery store has asked you to create a Balanced Scorecard.Describe how the balanced scorecard with help management to identify information requirements.Discuss the IS system that you would recommend for management to use to obtain this information for each scorecard component. Remember to provide rationale for your recommendations.Include an APA formatted title page.Include an APA formatted reference page with at least 3 credible sources – with 1 source being from an academic journal (academic journals can be accessed through databases listed on the Rasmussen Library and Learning Services page)  Balanced Scorecard Sol:1 Q1: Describe how the balanced scorecard with help management to identify information requirements. A strategic planning and management system which is used extensively in industry, business, government, as well as in nonprofit organizations worldwide to make straight business activities to the strategy and vision of organization, monitor organization performance against strategic goals and improve external and internal communications is known as balanced scorecard. It was invented by Drs. David Norton and Robert Kaplan as the performance measurement framework which can add strategic non-financial performance events to old-style financial metrics to provide executives and managers a more ‘balanced’ outlook of the organizational performance. The balanced scorecard has go forward from its early usage as simple performance measurement framework to complete  HYPERLINK “http://balancedscorecard.org/BSCResources/StrategicPlanningBasics/tabid/459/Default.aspx” t “_blank” strategic planning as well as management system. Furthermore, the “new” balanced scorecard changes organization’s strategic plan from attractive on the other hand passive document in the “marching orders” aimed at the organization on daily basis. It offers a framework which not only offers performance measurements, but…