Econometrics – Time Series Dataset – Private Consumption – Portfolio Writing Assignment Help


The portfolio is made up of two tasks: The first task for the portfolio is to create a time series dataset in order to estimate an aggregate consumption function. You can choose the country for which you want to put together such a dataset yourself but must coordinate with the course leader. Any two students cannot work on the same country. The dataset should include the following variables:

a measure of aggregate private consumption in real terms

a measure of aggregate household disposable income in real terms

a proxy for household sector real wealth (keep in mind that the most valuable asset for most households is their house; if they have one; so using real estate prices can be a good proxy. See the homepage of the Bank for International Settlements )

potentially a deflator (consumption deflator) to deflate nominal series and obtain real series

This time series dataset needs to span over at least 30 observations, independent of data frequency (annual or quarterly). Students need to identify appropriate data sources, input the data into Stata, impose the time series structure (tsset command in Stata), and give reasonable names to the variables. The saved stata dataset needs to be handed in on Moodle. As file name choose your student ID. The marking requirement for the first task are as following: